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  • Karen Anne Johnstone RN

Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT) Effectiveness Explained

AAT is a holistic approach for the relief of symptoms caused by allergies and sensitivities.

Allergies and sensitivities are caused by an error: the body is responding inappropriately to a harmless substance.

AAT treats the over-reaction by reducing the stress on the body in relation to the offending substance, creating a positive association so the body may respond more appropriately.

AAT 's break-through technology eliminates the reaction from most forms of allergies and sensitivities; treating the problem at its source by retraining the body so that it no longer reacts inappropriately to a harmless substance. AAT can't make a poison less dangerous!

Once treated, the patient can recommence contact with the harmless substance that had previously caused the negative response. New allergies and sensitivities can develop anytime.