• Karen Anne Johnstone RN

Scars, Adhesions and How MPS Scar Release Helps

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Scars are areas of remodeled tissue made by the body to heal wounds. Scars can be outwardly seen as well as inwardly hidden. Tangles of collagen in scars can pull on nearby healthy areas contributing to pain. Additionally, unsightly formations, pitting, and discoloring can be associated with scars and associated trauma.

Adhesions are areas of remodeled tissue made by the body that result in the attachment of two unintended surfaces together. Tangles of collagen in these formations may pull nearby tissues and organs contributing to pain.

Why Release Scars and Adhesions? The two hand-held Dolphin units emit minute direct current influencing collagen in scar tissue to lay it flatter and neater similar to the way iron filings line up to a magnet. In minutes, rope-like formations under the scar can feel softer and pain can feel eased because muscles become less short or contracted and nerves less impinged or trapped. Even old scars can fade and respond to MPS release.

How might scars be involved with Pain? Ways scars can be physically disruptive: binding tissues too tightly, restricting muscle movement, entrapping nerve roots.


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